Organisation at its best with TickTick

Organisation at its best with TickTick
June 14, 2023 Natalie Beuster

Are you adding things to your list and not getting to them?

Or do they disappear into the abyss, never to be remembered or completed?

Bizsoft has found the perfect solution to making sure all your tasks are categorized according to the Eisenhower Matrix:

Urgent & Important = Priority 1 (Red)
Not Urgent & Important = Priority 2 (Orange)
Urgent & Not Important = Priority 3 (Blue)
Not Urgent & Not Important = Priority 4 (No colour)

By understanding how these tasks fit into each quadrant, you can quickly identify which tasks need to be addressed first and prioritize accordingly. And this will eliminate any delays and procrastination.

How is TickTick better than other task management applications?

You can convert an email into a task easily by forwarding it to your unique TickTick email address, helping you declutter your mailbox.
Add task durations, locations, reminders and even recurring tasks.
You can even sync it to your calendar and collaborate with other people to delegate.

Did we mention that you can access it from everywhere, just download it to your mobile devices, and add the Gmail or Outlook add-ins to make life even easier.


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