Part1: A day in the life of a developer

Part1: A day in the life of a developer
July 15, 2016 dadmin

This short video illustrates the reality of a developer’s life…now you know what we go through.

The average day at BizSoft usually looks something like this:

1. Check emails and respond.

2. Team standup (scrum) meeting.

3. Pull a task from the backlog and status reports.

4. Coffee.

6. Headphones on: code, unit test, debug, tweak.

7. Lunch.

8. More coding, unit testing, debugging and tweaking.

8. More coffee.

9. Wrap up the days development work. Take notes of what changes in the coding system are required. Take notes of what should be tested.

10. Surf the net, hack and learn…and eventually sleep.