New Synchroteam 52 Features Improve Your Mobile Teams

New Synchroteam 52 Features Improve Your Mobile Teams
March 6, 2020 Cara Helene


Synchroteam launched version 52 with improvements enhancing the management of your mobile workforce.

After we at BizSoft partnered with Synchroteam, our clients have enjoyed the benefits of this top-notch mobile team management system. And now, it just got better.

What is Synchroteam?

In case you haven’t heard of this game-changing software, Synchroteam is a multi-featured solution for field service companies. The system helps you with scheduling, dispatching, service tracking, field service CRM, invoicing, mobile payments, and so much more.

Ideal for reps, fitting teams, support technicians or service agents, Synchroteam’s app equips you to interact in real-time with your mobile workers. We feel it is the best way to keep track of jobs and resources for technicians to provide a smoother customer experience. Able to track stock and tools/equipment, Synchroteam makes mobile team management easier. For each mobile team, you can allocate tools, equipment and stock, and you can track each item, so that you know exactly who has what.

On January 16th 2020, Synchroteam announced the launch of their new version 52.

Here are Synchroteam 52’s New Features:

  • Messaging from within Schedules

Urgent messages can now be sent to technicians from within a schedule by clicking on their name.

  • Second Version of the Billing Module

Invoicing is made easier with these new features for Synchroteam’s billing:

  • New ergonomics give a smoother and more intuitive use
  • Global and compound taxes accommodate countries where local taxes may be added to federal taxes
  • Decimal number choice for tax is increased to up to 5 decimals
  • Each item on your invoice can now have value or percentage discounts
  • Customize the email body sent along with job reports and invoices
  • Job Report Customizations

Rather than one default email, the sender’s email address can now be changed for every job report. Additionally, conditional elements can be added to reports for technicians to easily fill out. If several conditions are met, a specific course is triggered.

  • Maps

Displays of job details on the map have been improved.

  • More Import File Fields

When creating a CSV import file for your jobs, new fields have been added.

  • New Notification Features
  • Mobile App Improvements

Technicians are now able to change their own password, as well as create several quotes and invoices for a single job.

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