Bizsoft is Here for You! Alternative Solutions for Business Operations

Bizsoft is Here for You! Alternative Solutions for Business Operations
May 7, 2020 Cara Helene

There are alternative solutions to every challenge, and we are here to help you find them. The Covid-19 outbreak disrupted many lives and businesses across South Africa due to the international lock down, but despite the changes we face the Bizsoft team are committed to finding innovative solutions for your business to thrive.

Bizsoft is fortunate enough to remain at full functioning capacity while maintaining the health restrictions recommended by government. All our projects are being developed as per agreed timelines and will be delivered as expected.

We understand this is a disruptive and uncertain time for most industries with limited sales activities, no production (except for those critical industries), and office workers forced to work remotely. In efforts to stay profitable, many companies must consider alternative solutions to their business models and operation processes, while keeping an eye on cash flow.

Many existing products and solutions available may act as either an interim measure or a final solution for necessary business changes. Below are our top picks:

CRM – Customer Management System

Get a tighter grip on your sales pipeline and process to ensure nothing slips through the gaps.

Project Management

Reduce project costs with a proper management tool

Messaging and Communication

Hold meetings remotely with reliable online software.

Sales Portals

Continue selling your product online with a complete e-commerce solution.

Remote Workforce Management

Track your team’s movement, assign jobs and get client sign-off using a powerful mobile app.

Staff and Client Training

Implement in-house training programs with a turn-key solution. Access metrics on student engagement and test scores. These learning platforms support rich content including video, images, pdfs and interactive questionnaires.

Accounting Solutions

With ease of use and a quick to roll-out, these accounting solutions offer web-based and mobile solutions.

Productivity tools

Streamline your productivity using these easy online tools.


Bizsoft is here to help you with each product and solution listed above. Our experts are more than happy to assess your unique needs to develop alternative solutions that will see you through these hard times. Have a talk with us today.