Cruise Your Business into Online Retail with Zoho Inventory

Cruise Your Business into Online Retail with Zoho Inventory
June 12, 2020 Cara Helene

If you are looking to expand your business into online retail, you’re not alone. With the need for social distancing, customers are turning their attention to online shopping more than ever before. Small and large companies are feeling the tides rush towards the online space.

BizSoft is here to hand you a paddle. Instead of crashing over the rapids of this growing business trend, ease yourself in with a perfectly organized system, already equipped for all of your needs. Zoho Inventory will streamline your multi-channel selling. We have partnered with Zoho Inventory to bring you a free trial of their software. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this post and we will contact you.

What is Zoho Inventory?


Zoho is a cloud-based inventory control system. Growing business benefit daily from its extremely useful features, which are listed below:

  • Inventory Control

Zoho provides a centralized inventory to track all stock, sales, and re-ordering.

  • Warehouse Management

This single platform manages multiple warehouses by tracking stock and generating accurate reports.

  • Multi-channel Selling

Zoho is integrated with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, allowing you to reach your products further.

  • Order Management

All online orders are managed in one platform where packaging tools, shipment tracking, payment integrations, and reports are easily utilized.

  • Order Fulfillment

Workflow is simplified by Zoho’s help to fulfill orders faster with integrated shipping carriers, shipping labels, post-shipment updates, and more.

  • Insightful Reports

Accurate sales and purchase reports give you the tools to analyze sales trends and improve your business.

Benefits of Using Zoho for Online Retail

Zoho Inventory is the perfect tool for any business looking to venture into online retail. And in addition to Zoho’s vitally helpful features, the software also has a number of integrations and applications. One of these is Zoho Commerce where you can find all the tools you need to build your online retail store from the ground up. Each step of your e-commerce journey can be found on a single platform.

Zoho Commerce allows you to create your own online store website. Using pre-built templates, you can give your site a professional design without the need to hire a website designer. It not only includes hosting, but Zoho also provides you with the tools to manage your online store site where you can maintain an engaging blog, customize a striking storefront page, market your products, and of course organize it all on one platform.

We believe all your online store operations can be taken care of by our Zoho partners. We’ll love to delve deeper with you to find out how Zoho Inventory will work for your unique business needs. Fill out the form below for a free trial today!


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