Are You Taking Advantage of the E-commerce Growth in South Africa?

Are You Taking Advantage of the E-commerce Growth in South Africa?
September 14, 2021 Cara Helene
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Have you ever browsed a store and found something new and so perfect for you? Only to turn to find the cashier queues longer than for a rollercoaster and felt your enthusiasm dissolve. Just us? The key to driving sales is customer experience. This principle is exactly what’s led to the fantastic e-commerce growth in South Africa over the last two years.

We’ve noticed a jump of interest in e-commerce among our clients here at Bizsoft. The opportunities for innovation online are beyond exciting. e-commerce is becoming the go-to shopping method. Your company can’t lose out.

What Does E-commerce Growth in South Africa Look Like?

In 2019, Deloitte Africa estimated a 13% growth in online sales. Since then, South Africa has seen a higher increase than they predicted, tipping R42 billion in sales in 2021. A new study from Business Insider shows the value of SA’s online retail has doubled in two years.

The burst to a 66% growth rate for e-commerce was mostly due to the pandemic. Lockdowns and regulations surrounding the Coronavirus spurred customers to online sales. Companies innovated and adapted more e-commerce technology to fit the South African market. New online stores, such as Checkers Sixty60, launched. More people are enjoying the convenience of online shopping and expecting high quality user experiences.

South Africa has a well-established payment infrastructure that is constantly improving. Although cash sales are still dominating across areas of lower connectivity, metropolitan areas are slowly expanding their reaches and internet access. We are a part of a growing and connected online market.

Using E-commerce for the Growth of Your Business

We wanted to share with you some ways and advantages of e-commerce that will enhance the growth of your business. These are the reasons you should jump onto e-commerce trends right now:

  • Your go-to market time is faster and supported by already established platforms. Woocommerce, Shopify, and more are waiting for you to begin your online store. It’s easier than ever for business owners to create attractive and reliable sites.
  • Bespoke software can be developed to seamlessly integrate your front and back- end. You can develop a custom online shop, which may include tailor-made manufacturing facilities and seamlessly integrate with your accounting or ERP system.
  • Starting out incurs low costs and you can build your business with your sales. Gone are the expenses of renting shop space. Investing becomes easier with lower risks involved.
  • Customers start shopping online. When we have a question, we turn to Google. Customers are beginning their searches for products online all the time. You should be there to greet them!
  • Drawing data insights helps you further nail your customer experience. Analytics and customer tracking are useful features available online for your store. Constant feedback is at your fingertips.
  • Reach new customers over wider areas. The online world is not limited to one place and daily foot traffic. You can take your business international from the comfort of your home office.
  • Develop your brand story with content strategy. Don’t forget your site must provide information about you and your values. Customers give their loyalty to loyal, helpful companies.

Get a Leg-up in E-commerce with Bespoke Software

While user experience is the most important factor when it comes to completing orders, this cannot be implemented without the proper back-end systems in place. If you find your business needs aren’t fulfilled with the platforms you’ve researched, don’t despair. The solution is bespoke software and it’ll give you a bonus leg-up on your competitors too.

Bespoke software is purely customized. Your site will smash out of the limitations of readymade applications which others are using. This allows you to focus even more on user friendliness and stay ahead of the competition with improved efficiency. When your business processes evolve, so does your e-commerce store. You can incorporate your changes with ease, and we’ll help you do it.

We enable you to do more with less. Contact Bizsoft and start a conversation to develop your own software and take advantage of South Africa’s e-commerce boom.