Trello: Organize your projects visually

Trello: Organize your projects visually
September 28, 2016 liz

Looking for a way to better manage and structure your projects? We are big fans of Trello.

Most to-do list apps are too linear and structured. If you want to go beyond the “done” and “not done” status for your tasks – say to show things that are in progress or have several steps before they get completed. Trello helps you manage your daily tasks and workflow, as well as the option of adding team members or colleagues to boards. A Trello board can be either public or private. (like Pinterest).

Email integration is available in Chrome Web Store with a Gmail to Trello extension. This free tool for Gmail provides an extra “Add card” button in the Gmail UI to add the email you’re currently reading to a Trello card easily. That’s a great option if you want to quickly turn your emails into actionable Trello tasks.

Trello helps you keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.

It also has a great mobile app and it’s free.

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