Have you tried Microsoft PowerApps?

Have you tried Microsoft PowerApps?
January 30, 2018 Natalie Beuster

If you haven’t given it a glance, we suggest you do so. Microsoft PowerApps is a service that lets you build business applications, they run in a browser or on a phone or tablet, and no coding experience is required. PowerApps combines visual drag-and-drop concepts from PowerPoint with Excel-like expressions for logic and working with data. Get work done from anywhere and on any device.

If you’re new to app building, PowerApps provides templates and sample data that you can use to quickly build an app, and then you can customize the app to better suit your needs. With some experience and creativity, you’ll soon be developing your own apps from scratch. If you’re a seasoned developer, you can take advantage of the advanced functionality and truly innovate. If you can imagine it, you can build it!

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Getting started quickly:

  • Simple pre-built templates are available, or you can start from scratch. You already have everything that you need to get started building apps to better your business.

Do more with your data:

  • Connect to services you’re already using like Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 etc to automatically generate apps. Alternatively you can use the Common Data Service to capture new data.

Turn your expertise into apps:

  • Understand the business problem? Now you can build the solution. Work in a visual designer to customize fully functional apps — without having to write code.

Built into PowerApps already is a common data service which is a secure business data platform . It comes with hundreds of standard business entities already defined, which means that now all your apps can share the same definition of “customer,” “product,” “lead,” and more. The service also includes workflow automation with Microsoft Flow.

Adding images and videos is a simple process and there are tutorials to talk you through every step as well as every add on feature you might like.

The best part is you can instantly publish your application to the internet to put it straight into peoples’ hands without having to go through an app store.


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