Digital Data Collection

Digital Data Collection
August 29, 2018 Natalie Beuster
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There are many reasons why you need a digital data collection system and we could list them all but that would take forever so we have come up with the top reasons, besides saving trees!

Time is money

Imagine your employees walking around with tablets and the choice of a number of data capture forms already loaded. Conditional questions eliminate the need for reams of paper being used on one form, you can simply skip to the next relevant qustion dependant on the answer inputted.

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce Errors (And Their Associated Costs)
  • Accelerate processes

Now think about the time it takes your employees to manually capture that data collected and generate analytics.

Bizsoft Data collection workflow

  • Automated analytics and reports
  • Transparent and real-time Information
  • Speeds up content into the designated business and organizational processes.

Transparency or visibility is an important measure for management. You can’t manage what you don’t track. Analytics empowers organization to effectively manage both assets and people.

Its mobile!

Simply download the data collection application to your phone or tablet and you can use it anywhere. You can use the application offline too.
Sometimes data capture needs to happen out of reach of the company wifi and with offline data capture, you can update the application to retrieve any new forms or edits made to a form, go away and complete the data capture and when you are back in internet range, press “sync” and the results are sent! You don’t get more efficient than that.



Consistancy is key and with digital data collection you can control the input of the data as well.
It eliminates the need for skilled staff to have to do repetitive tasks and they can use their time more effectively in the workplace.

Digital data collection makes us happy!

Improved Employee Satisfaction is the best way to retain employees. Anyone who’s been subjected to prolonged data entry can attest to the mental fatigue involved. It’s just not reasonable to expect anyone to remain focused on such an arduous task for potentially hours at a time.  Automating data capture frees up employees to focus on more engaging, useful tasks.

The real-life examples of the power of digital data collection are varied and numerous but we have a few:

  • For utilities, in-field technicians can use digital data collection to dispatch customer, location, job, and part information for immediate processing.
  • In transportation, plant asset inspection and equipment maintenance used to take up to 5 days with paper processes. Now,  forms can be sent to all of management via a centralized, cloud-based platform minutes after completeing the capture process
  • In energy, refinery employees, for example, have switched from using index cards to record information on safety, equipment and cleanliness, to using iPads, leading to improved safety, accountability and transparency.
  • In Warehouses, employees can evaluate stock as it is unpacked and perform quality assessments at any time.

Many if not most organizations stand to benefit substantially by switching from paper to digital data collection for in-field work. It’s really not a matter of if but when.

And with various question types like taking photos and adding signatures or locations, they are being used by companies more and more.

Any successful business uses data to gain a competitive advantage, so the time for you to start is now.

And if you are still asking why you need to contact Bizsoft to get your data collection under control then we think you need to read the article again!